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About the Artist

When you see something beautiful and you capture it through art, it allows you to take a little piece of that beauty with you.

Artist and Founder, CountryCrafts

Frequently Asked Questions…

Is illustrating your full time job?
Yes, illustrating is my full time job. People don’t realize how much work goes into a watercolour behind the scenes, and running a website! It truly takes a great team to run a successful business and I am very lucky to have a great family behind me.
Start a watercolour because you feel like you have something unique to share with the world!
Where do you find your supplies?
I find my supplies all over the world. I love to connect with people who are in similar bussiness to see where they get their products from and maybe even trade with them!I also do a lot of Etsy shopping and love shopping around to get the best deals for you.
If you have any questions regarding the supplies i sell on here, please feel free to get in contact with me!


Daniella Burton is a watercolour illustrator and sketch artist based in Warwickshire, UK. Her work is inspired by nature and wildlife. Growing up, Daniella spent a lot of time outdoors, with her family hiking and exploring. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, she started drawing.

Daniella completed her studies in History, Archaeology and Heritage at Bangor University and later got a postgraduate diploma in Medieval Studies. Today, she combines her academia with her art. Research plays an important role in her work, including collecting images and analysing photographs and reference points.

Daniella is curious about expression and composition. She is self taught with a ‘learn through looking’ approach. Her preparation process helps her to understand movement and capture the character of for example an Owl, or a Wren- Bringing her work to life  little piece of that beauty with you.

For Daniella, art is a creative outlet, wonderfully reminiscent and a continued connection to her childhood. Being creative and discovering wildlife was a large part of growing up.

Today, Daniella continues to enjoy taking both short strolls and lengthy rambles along the countryside with her own young family.