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2 Simple Handmade Gifts for Kids

There is nothing better than showing someone you are thinking of them and love them!

I have always believed that the best thing you can do is to hand make gifts and also to share how you made it and to encourage your kids to do the same. It gets all the family involved and together enjoying themselves.

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

Albert Einstein

Around the holidays is always a good excuse to hand make gifts, whether its some biscuit’s or a card, it really doesn’t matter what your skills are! Just give it a go and as Albert Einstein said “express yourself and have faith in yourself…”


  1. SALT DOUGH CREATIONS:  This is one of the easiest and most fun ways to do a handmade gift! Its also the most versatile!

Here is a simple recipe to create your own!


Other websites are available!

Why not send us some pictures of your creations?

For more ideas please visit my pinterest site at plum and berry designs (link below).


2. Handmade Teddy Bear!

This is one i have tried recently for my son. It was so enjoyable and to see his little face light up was everything!

The pattern i used was free online and many more can be found if you google teddy bear patterns | templates. You don’t even have to use fur, you could use some old shirts or even jeans.


16 Sewing Patterns and Ideas

Are you looking for something awesome to sew in less than 30 minutes?

I decided to compile a list of 16 of these super easy sewing projects that you can sew within 30 minutes. If you are an experience sewer then a lot of these projects will take 10 minutes or less.

One thing to notes is that we are talking sewing time here which does not include prep time. Nonetheless, these projects are still super quick to make and I am sure you will enjoy them a lot.

Get your sewing machine ready and dive right in.

1.) Spit Bib (via Sew Much Ado)

What better gift for a new mama than a hand made spit bib?

Spit Bib

2.) Hand Warmers (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

Something nice to keep your hands warm in the office, in the car or when you are watching a movie.

Hand Warmers

3.) Vintage Button Curtains (via West Coast Crafty)

These vintage dishcloth curtains are the perfect low cost solution to making your boring, bare kitchen windows so much cuter.

Vintage Button Curtains

4.) DIY Ribbon and Vinyl Pouches (via Haberdashery Fun)

These pouches are perfect for your makeup, receipts, camera etc.

DIY Ribbon and Vinyl Pouches

5.) Fabric Bunting Flags (via Hello Little House)

These flags would look great in a little boy’s room.

Fabric Bunting Flags

6.) Dolly Towel (via Mommy by Day Crafter by Night)

Make this doll towel for that special little girl in your life.

Dolly Towel

7.) Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers (via Snow Bliss)

No water or maintenance needed for these beautiful fabric flowers.

Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers

8.) 5 Minute Gift Card Holder (via So Sew Easy)

Lovely gift card holder that is super quick and easy to make.

5 Minute Gift Card Holder

9.) DIY Cord Keeper (via Leafy Treetop)

We just love this idea for keeping all those ugly cords together.

DIY Cord Keeper

10.) Scrappy Pin Cushion (via Ellison Lane)

Scrappy Pin Cushion

11.) DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals (via Little Inspiration)

DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals

12.) Secret Pillow Pocket (via See Kate Sew)

Secret Pillow Pocket

13.) Mini Messenger Bag (via Crazy Little Projects)

Perfect little bag to hold a few things such as your keys, sunglasses and phone.

Mini Messenger Bag

14.) Strawberry Pot Holders (via Sew Some Stuff)

These pot holders make for a great gift because it will always make the person think of you when they are busy in the kitchen.

Strawberry Pot Holders

15.) Fabric Letters (via Twin Talk)

Fabric Letters

16.) Tassel Cushion (via Hobbycraft)

Tassel Cushion

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Handmade Baby knitwear Patterns

There is something very special about knitting something for a baby. Maybe its the anticipation of waiting for a New baby or perhaps its for the babies first Christmas? Its always a lovely thing to knit!

Over the years I have gathered resources of the best baby knitwear to do.

Here they are!

  1. First has to be the FREE patterns on the Rowan website! I have always loved their designs.


2. The next is a video i found on YouTube which i loved following! All you do is follow along video by video and the great thing is you can pause and go back whenever you wish!

3. The next one is great for those wanting to break into Fair Isle Knitting and it comes with the FREE PATTERN! What could be better?