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Fish/ Carp Noren Doorway Curtain Tapestry 33.5″ Width x 47.2″ Long


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  • Thick linen cloth with good drapability
  • Exclusive pattern printed on one side, handmade with great care
  • Tension rod not included, you can also hang it by using push pin or thread
  • Size: 33.5×47.2 inches (85×120 cm)
  • Use it as doorway divider, curtain or wall hanging. It serves as a privacy and decorative purpose

Norens are curtains for doorways used in homes, businesses, and restaurants. The Japanese have been using them for hundreds of years to great effect.

  • In private homes, Japanese norens are used to separate rooms and doorways,
  • In businesses, they are used with the intention of denoting the specialty of the shop.
  • At restaurants, Japanese norens serve to create a sense of privacy for the customers.
  • Besides having a practical function, Japanese norens are also meant to add an air of beauty to any space. 

Simply place a rod through the upper part of the Noren and hang from any doorway.

One may walk right through the middle of the Noren, where it splits into two. 


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